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A Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home

Believe it or not, we’re already well into February, and Valentine’s Day is just a few short days away. That means it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll celebrate. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day to get dressed up with your honey and enjoy a nice night out on the town. Whether that involves catching a movie, enjoying some delicious dishes from your favorite restaurant, or reliving your very first date, it’s typically a day where you can look forward to switching things up a bit.

However, just like every other holiday for nearly the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic will affect Valentine’s Day 2021, causing many to opt for staying home instead of heading out. No need to worry though, because this week’s Board & Bread blog post is here to provide you with some cute and creative ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day from the comfort of your own home!

Board & Bread specialize in creating the best charcuterie boards across Prosper and the surrounding areas! We create boards for every occasion, so whether you need event catering for a function such as a wedding, or you’re just looking for a simple board to serve friends at your next get-together, we’ve got you covered! Read this week’s Board & Bread blog for some tips on how to make this year’s Valentine’s Day fun from home and order your charcuterie boards today!

At-Home Fondue

Who doesn’t love things dipped in cheese and chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day? If you’d prefer to stay home this year, instead of venturing out into the world, why not set up an at-home fondue night?

At-home kits make it simple to create the perfect fondue spread for you and your loved one to enjoy. And, instead of ordering from a pre-arranged menu, you can have your choice of what foods to include! What’s better than that?

Have a Movie Night

Have a movie you’ve been wanting to watch for weeks now? Throw the popcorn in the microwave, curl up with some fuzzy blankets, kick back, and enjoy! There’s no better time to have a movie marathon than Valentine’s Day!

Take an Online Class

Is your Valentine’s Day tradition to attend some kind of class? Maybe you’re into cooking, pottery, creating cocktails, etc. If this is the case, you may be a little bummed this year, as things probably look a bit different as far as in-person sessions go.

However, many companies have adapted and created some fantastic online courses to choose from! Instead of having to get dressed up and leave the house, you can attend a fun class in your comfy sweats with your favorite libation (bonus!).

Have a Themed Date Night

Looking to really switch things up? If you’re sick of the same ol’ at-home dates you’ve been doing for the past year now, we suggest getting creative. Why not make it a themed night? You and your partner can decide on a theme ahead of time, and then surprise each other with what you’ve chosen to wear when it’s date time!

Here are some of our favorite theme ideas:

  • 80s
  • Black Tie
  • Denim
  • Casino Night
  • Red-Out (Deck yourselves in the color red)

Create an At-Home Spa

This past year has been really tough on everyone, and we all could use some relaxation in our lives. That’s why the team here at Board & Bread is recommending you and your loved one (or even you and your friends) create an at-home spa night. Customize treatments, or mix and match — there are plenty of options here!

Break out the candles and rose petals, and enjoy a nice, relaxing night at home! You could even open a bottle of bubbly to make things extra special.

Become a Bartender for the Night

Do you and your partner have a favorite drink you’ve been wanting to make? Why not mix it up and play bartender for the night? There are plenty of recipe books and online guides for how to make the perfect drink.

Or, if you and your partner don’t like to drink, you could always find some alcohol-free alternatives!

Send a Valentine

If your special someone can’t be there with you on Valentine’s Day, why not send something their way? Make a heartfelt card, send a box of chocolates, or gift them with some flowers. The possibilities are endless, but whatever you choose is sure to be a special surprise for the one you love!

Plan a Game Night

If you and your significant other love games, why not go all-out and plan a fun game night? With enough cocktails and some delicious snacks, you can make this romantic night one to remember!

This is a perfect option for families and friends as well. If you have others that want to join in, add some games to the list that everyone can get involved in!

Have an Indoor Picnic

Spread out on the living room floor, set the scene with a cheerful basket and table cloth (don’t forget the bubbly or your favorite drink), and enjoy your favorite picnic food. The charcuterie boards at Board & Bread are ideal for something like this. With customizable options, you and your honey can pick exactly what you want to add, and you can even choose your size!

Choose Board & Bread for the Best Charcuterie Boards in Prosper

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day from home this year, one thing is for sure — you’re going to want some delicious food! Luckily for you, Board & Bread offers charcuterie boards that are perfect for the occasion! Whether you’re looking to go big with something like our 13” round box, or you’d just like to keep it simple with our Lunchbox, we’ve got plenty of options. You can view all of our boards here.

We know this past year has been tough, but our team here at Board & Bread wants to help you make this year extra special with some delicious food. Just because things may look a little different this year than they have in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t still make this February 14th one to remember. Don’t forget to reach out to Board & Bread today to get the best charcuterie boards in Prosper and the surrounding areas while you still have time!

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