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Here are some common questions that we hope will help guide you through your decision-making process!


Q: How many people does each board serve?

A. This depends on so many different variables! I need to know if the board is serving as an appetizer or as a meal, as well as what time of day it will be eaten. If there will be other food at your event, this affects how many people your board will feed. Another very important factor is whether or not there will be alcohol served! People tend to eat more and snack longer when they are drinking.


Q. None of the sizes on your menu are a good fit for me. Can you do something different?

A. Of course! We are always willing to accommodate your requests however we can!


Q: If I'm throwing a large party, such as a wedding, what is the price per person?

A. Again, this depends on so many different factors. With weddings and large parties, the grazing table can be the main food served or it can just be for cocktail hour. The look you want, types of food you'd like included, how elaborate you'd like to go, all affect the overall price. Keep in mind, we are always willing to work within your budget and make sure you get the beautiful spread you desire without spending more than you want to spend!


Q. Can I request certain items be added or omitted from my board?

A. Absolutely. Just add your request in the "comment" section of your online order or send an email to !


Q: Do I need to return the board after we are finished?

A: Nope! With the regular boards, it's all yours to keep. The only times I need to collect dishes is when I do a grazing table for a large party when tiers/levels are used.

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