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We have recently changed our delivery windows to improve efficiency. If you need your board by a certain time, let us know in the notes section. Also, before clicking on the "CHECK OUT" button, be sure you have chosen a date and time from our calendar. Let us know if you have any questions.

The Firecracker Board

Light up your July 4th celebration with our Firecracker board. Bring this along to the pool, the lake, or barbecue to add some extra flavor and fun. The Firecracker board comes in three sizes.
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Introducing The Little Board

This is 10" round board is a perfect addition to our roster. Ideal for 2-5 people. It includes a variety of cheeses, 2 meats, grapes, berries, cornichons, olives, nuts, honey and bacon jam. Crackers are not included, but can be ordered separately.
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The Hattie

She may be small, but she is SO MIGHTY. Hattie is great for date night or for girls' night in! This 12" round charcuterie board includes a variety of 4 cheeses, 2 meats, grapes, berries, cornichons, garlic stuffed olives, nuts, honey, bacon jam and lots of personality! Serves between 4 -8 people as an appetizer. The Hattie is made on a palm leaf disposable board. *Crackers are not included, but can be added during ordering. We offer both grain and gluten free crackers, which come on a palm leaf plate.
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The Jake

Hit it out of the ballpark when you bring Jake to your next party! This 16" round charcuterie board includes 5 cheeses, 2 types of meats but double the amount of the 12" round. It also includes all the other accompaniments such as cornichons, garlic stuffed olives, grapes, berries, nuts, honey, bacon jam and more. Feeds 10-18 as an appetizer. Definitely a HOME RUN! The Jake is made on a 16" palm leaf disposable board. *Crackers are not included, but can be added during ordering. We offer both grain and gluten free crackers, which come on a palm leaf plate.
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The Jimmy

Not our biggest board, but one of our favorites. Sure to bring the music to the party, this 18" round charcuterie board starts with 5 cheeses and 2 types of meats. It also includes other accompaniments such as cornichons, garlic stuffed olives, grapes, berries, nuts, honey, bacon jam and more. Feeds 15-22 as an appetizer. The Jake is made on an 18" palm leaf disposable board. *Crackers are not included, but can be added during ordering. We offer both grain and gluten free crackers, which come on a palm leaf plate.
The Jimmy

The New Mr. Troy

Great for when you need to bring the life to the party! The Mr. Troy is the largest board offered for pick up or delivery and has at least 6 different cheeses, salami, prosciutto, cornichons, garlic stuffed olives, grapes, berries, nuts, honey, bacon jam, and more! Feeds up to 35 as an appetizer. The Mr. Troy is served on a 14" x 20" wooden tray that is 1.5 " deep. *Crackers are not included, but can be added during ordering. We offer both grain and gluten free crackers, which come on a palm leaf plate.
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The Crazi Aze Half and Half

Can't decide if you want fruits or veggies? Try the Avery Half and Half board, the perfect combination of fruits and vegetables served with cream cheese fruit dip and a vegetable dip. It's the perfect board when you just can't make up your mind.
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The Fruit Board

A beautiful, creative and sweet display of colorful fruits, dip, etc.
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The Crudite Board

A beautiful & colorful display of crudite and dip, sure to make any guest crave their veggies!
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The Brunch Board

Just add mimosas! The brunch board is truly delicious. It usually contains a variety of bagels, cream cheese, soft/hard boiled eggs, bacon or ham, yogurt, granola, fruit, pastries, and more! *Not all brunch boards are identical.
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Pretzel Platter

Introducing our Pretzel Platter, a tantalizing journey into the world of twisted delights. This curated assortment brings together an array of pretzel varieties, each with its unique twist, perfectly complemented by a selection of delectable dips. Dive into the satisfying crunch and irresistible flavors of soft, Bavarian-style pretzels, savory pretzel bites, and crispy pretzel rods, all expertly baked to golden perfection. But the adventure doesn't stop there. Our dips take this platter to the next level. From velvety beer cheese and stoneground mustard to sweet cream cheese icing or chocolate, every dip is a flavor revelation that pairs flawlessly with the pretzels. You can choose savory, sweet or a combo of both! This Pretzel Platter is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, ideal for gatherings, parties, or indulgent snacking sessions. Perfectly salty, wonderfully doughy, and irresistibly dippable, it's a taste experience you won't want to miss. Elevate your pretzel game and savor the salty-sweet symphony of flavors that awaits on our Pretzel Platter. Order yours today and get ready to twist and dip your way to snack heaven!
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Mimi's Favorite Dessert Board

Please note: We do not bake the items on dessert boards. Also, all dessert boards are NOT created the same. Each one will vary depending on the season, availability of items, event theme, etc.
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The Event Board

Our new Event Board is great for larger gatherings between 30 and 50 guests. Perfect for showers, birthday and graduation celebrations, and corporate events. A delicious variety of meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies are served in a 1.5" deep wooden tray. This also comes with a tray of breads and crackers. Pick the size that is right for your event. You can always add a note letting us know what your special event is!
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Custom Boards

Still can't find exactly what you want? We can help you with the perfect board to meet your needs. Just let us know the number of people and what food items you want included. We can customize a board to meet your requirements.
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The Lunch Box

These 6"x6" lunchboxes make the perfect little lunch for 1, snack for 2, teacher gift, picnic lunch and so much more. Each box contains 2 types of cheese, grapes, 1 small package of crackers, salami, bacon jam and cornichon pickles!
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The Snackbox

This little cutie makes snacktime so much better. A small taste of all your faves: a little cheese, a little meat, a little fruit, a little sweet. Perfect to get you through the afternoon. These also make great gifts for teachers!
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The Couple's Box

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Charcuterie Cup Bundle

Our individual cups are just as delicious as our boards, just sized down for a perfect grab and go snack. These are great for after school or served at meetings. The cups make for an easy set up, an easier clean up, and are Covid friendly. Each bundle contains 10 cups.
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Our Famous Bacon Jam with Peppers

This is the product that has everyone coming back for more! While we do include some of this jam on all of our boards, you can purchase an 11 oz. jar to keep for later, pull out when you need an appetizer (poured over cream cheese), or just when you need a fancy addition to wraps, burgers, bbq and so much more!
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Charcuterie Boards for Every Event

Looking for the perfect catering food for your special event? Board and Bread offers a variety of the best charcuterie boards near Prosper and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a large charcuterie board for bigger events such as weddings, or a smaller lunchbox for the perfect road trip snack, Board and Bread has got you covered.

Order The Charcuterie Board You Need & Let Us Take Care of The Rest

On the day you plan to serve the charcuterie board, you simply pick it up, store it in the refrigerator, and pull it out before your guests arrive. Are you looking for special event catering? Connect with us to discuss delivery! For best results, we recommend setting your charcuterie board out for 30-40 minutes beforehand, as cheese is best served at room temperature.

Charcuterie Boards Made With Love

At Board and Bread, we hope that each board we create makes people feel loved, important, and valued. We aim to create the perfect board for each of our customers’ events so that they will have something unique and special to offer their guests. Whether you are looking for smaller boards for a date night or large boards for events like weddings, Board and Bread offers a wide range of options. You also have the opportunity to customize a board to your liking. This way, you can decide whether you want a meat and cheese board, just a meat board, or just a cheese board. Each of our boards are piled high with the highest-quality meats and cheeses that are sure to impress your guests. We also feature a variety of nuts, fruits, crackers, and more, depending on which board you choose for your special event. For all of your special event catering needs, contact Board and Bread. We understand the importance of having delicious food available at every event, which is why we want to help you make your special event one to remember. Just choose your board and let us do the rest. We happily deliver to Frisco, Prosper, Mckinney, Celina, and surrounding areas. If you have questions, email us at
Still have questions or didn't find the board you want. Click below to contact us so we can get you the perfect board.
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