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The Board and Bread Story

Like any business with heart, Board and Bread started as a small company with big ideas. The entire formation of the company was unexpected, but an absolute pleasure to build. I want to share my story in order to give you a little more context on how our small business came to be. Check out our tale of unexpected success here!

Our Family

I’m a mother of three in addition to being a wife, daughter, and sister. I grew up with the idea ingrained in me that helping others was one of the biggest pleasures in life. While I prioritize my family, I do find that I may have a little more than a slight tendency to work, work, work, and then sprinkle some more work on top of that in order to provide for the people that I care about.


God’s Other Plans

I was an elementary school teacher and counselor for fifteen years before starting this Board and Bread adventure. I thought that would be the path for the rest of my life. But, God sure has a funny way of switching up plans when you least expect it. He turned me and my family onto an entirely new path that brings us joy every day.


A Love of Food

Being involved with the business of charcuterie boards requires a love of food. I can assure you that there is no lack of that in our household. Over the years, I’ve developed tastes, learned pairings, and tested out various combinations of ingredients on charcuterie boards that have led me to a deep understanding of what makes one good. You’re going to love it right back.


My Mother

One of the largest inspirations for the way that Board and Bread conducts business would have to be my mother. She was welcoming and loving, in addition to being a culinary creative. We strive to give every customer that same warm feeling whenever we provide charcuterie boards for an event.

Life is often unexpected and can take you in the wildest directions. Sometimes, those directions end up taking you on a splendid path that you never knew you wanted to be on! Who would have thought that after spending so much time in the education system I would end up in the business of charcuterie boards of all things?!


If you would like to take a larger look at our work, please check out our website and contact us with any questions. This is our calling, and we aim to make sure that our customers get the best product possible.

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