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Why Choose Board and Bread

Learn More About Board and Bread Charcuterie Boards

If you want to impress your guests at your wedding party, birthday party, homecoming or any other event, choose the Board and Bread charcuterie. We are dedicated to giving the best shot at your event when called so that we leave a picture-perfect impression.

With our charcuterie platters, we let your guests sit back, relax, and enjoy all the delicious meals in Prosper, TX, and the surrounding areas. If you are still unsure if a professional culinary art is necessary for your event, here are four reasons to change that mindset and choose us.


Variety of Options

Suppose you have not had charcuterie experience before; this is your time to shine. With the Board and Bread charcuterie platter, you can please just about everyone, thanks to the myriad variety of foods we offer. With all the available options, you are relieved of the stress of choosing the types of food for your guests.

Moreover, the delicatessens are well arranged and not super messy. Therefore, you and your guests will absolutely enjoy it.



When the Board and Bread charcuterie board is hired, we arrive at the designated location about two hours before the event even begins. Therefore, it allows us ample time to make an impressive setup beautifully, so you are all set when guests arrive.

Additionally, after the event, we will be there at the agreed time to clear the mess and collect any utensils and platters used as a display for the high table.



Part of the service is that we offer guests a chance to add their food combinations depending on their preference. Moreover, our boards are not only delicious but super beautiful in appearance.

Furthermore, each of the boards we provide contains the highest quality ingredients such as fresh meats, fruits, bread, vegetables, jams and more. The Board and Bread team can also work with you to modify the board in a way that suits your décor, including topping it with greens, tiers and more.



This is what Board and Bread is best known for. The catering team will never let you down since the charcuterie platter is filled with your favorite and unique finger-licking delicacies.

The wide variety of meals, including meat, fresh fruit, nuts and more, are professionally made.



At Board and Bread, we take pride in offering quality, variety and astonishingly good looking charcuterie platters. We are the perfect plan if you want your display table to match the wedding or event décor seamlessly. Call Bard and Bread catering in Prosper today to learn more about our charcuterie boards and event catering options.

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