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Workshop Q & A

How long are workshops?
About 1-1.5 hrs. (Depending on the group)

What if I don't meet the minimum for a private event?
No worries! You can just pay for the difference and we will still do it.

Do you ever have live, in-person PUBLIC events?
Yes! Every now and then, public venues (winery’s, event venues, etc.)
will host a workshop and bring us in. These will be advertised on our
instagram page and/or stories. Usually, tickets can be found by clicking
the linktree link in our IG bio or on the hosting venue’s website.
Keep an eye out for events advertised on Eventbrite through Facebook, as well!

If I am hosting a workshop in my home, what space do I need to provide or prepare?
Usually, at people’s homes, we use their dining tables and/or kitchen
countertop bar areas. All you need is a space for each guest to sit (or
stand), with space in front of them for their individual workshop set-up
that we will be bringing. In addition, think of a good space that we (the
teacher) can stand, demo and teach and others will be able to see.
Sometimes, it’s more helpful for the workshop teacher to be sitting at the
same table as the guests! Either way, we are flexible and can make most anything work.

If I am hosting a private workshop or zoom workshop, how do I pay?

  1. We can send an invoice to the host, and then that person collects payments from their guests.
  2. We can accept individual Venmo or Paypal payments from each person.
  3. We can create a link for the workshop and each individual uses the link to pay.
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